Environmental Clearance Norms

Environment Clearance Procedure for specific activities

The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India (GoI), through issuance of EIA notification S.O. 1533 dated 14.09.2006, has restructured the Environmental Clearance procedure in suppression of the earlier Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification of January 1994 and its subsequent amendments. Through this notification forty-one (41) activities (predominantly industrial in nature), have been scheduled for mandatory Environmental Clearance. Part of these activities require Environmental Clearance from Central Level Impact Assessment Authority at MoEF, New Delhi whereas others require Environmental Clearance from State Environment Impact Assessment Authority assisted by SEAC-State level Expert Appraisal Committee.

Environmental Clearance are granted by MoEF, New Delhi at central level for category ‘A’ projects and also by the SEIAA at state level for category ‘B’ projects activities. SEIAA and SEAC comprise of experts from the field of Industrial Engineering, Environmental Management, Public Health Engineering, Town and Country Planning, Economics and other related fields. The SEIAA and SEAC are functioning in the state of Jharkhand from April 2013.